We welcome you and your child to ABC School House, Educational Day Care Center! The school is privately owned and provides child care and preschool services throughout the year.The center is state-licensed by the Department of Human Services and meets or exceeds local and state safety standards.Children attending ABC School House learn to work with other children under the direction of the cheerful and friendly staff. The state-licensed instructors are educated in Child Development, Early Childhood Education, and Elementary Education.We recognize that each child is unique in rate of growth and development. We provide many activities to satisfy his or her individual differences and to encourage your child’s growth.The ABC School House features child-size facilities (tables, chairs, sinks, and restrooms) to assist with the development of personal habits and table manners. Large indoor and fenced-in outdoor play areas aid in social, motor, and physical growth of your child.

Our infant, toddler, and pre-school programs are carefully planned and monitored. Each lesson is developed around thematic ideas and units that meet Early Learning State Standards by incorporating books, folk tales, rhymes, activities and projects. This child-centered program helps develop readiness skills, self esteem and creative expression.

For a fine learning experience, we hope you visit ABC School House. We will help your child LEAP into education…to Learn, Enjoy And Play!
~Margaret Rafail Smalley~